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Privacy statement

Thank you for reading our privacy statement. This way you immediately know how we handle your data. At we respect your privacy and your rights, especially when it comes to processing personal data. We stand for honesty, completeness and clarity. In this privacy statement you can read how we handle your personal data, what its purpose is and how your privacy rights are protected.

One thing is certain: we never share your data with other parties for commercial purposes.

This privacy statement applies as soon as you use our website and / or leave your details. By continuing on our website, you accept the following terms. You accept - in short - the use of cookies and other digital tracking systems. If you prefer not to, go to:

This privacy statement is effective from January 21, 2021 and is the first statement of our privacy policy.

Do you have questions about our privacy policy? Then contact us! You will find our contact details at the end of this privacy statement.

About our website and webshop

We continuously do our best to keep the webshop working. Despite all our efforts, it can still happen that malfunctions, difficulties or interruptions cause our webshop to not work as you are used to from us. It is also possible that the device and connection with which you visit our webshop ensures that such malfunctions occur. We simply cannot 100% prevent failures, difficulties or interruptions from occurring. Therefore, we are not liable for this.

We can therefore not be held liable for damage that you or the used equipment incur by visiting our webshop.

Which personal data we process

We process your personal data because you provide it to us as soon as you use our services (including this webshop and our customer service) or to process your order. This concerns the following data:

  • First and last name
  • Sex
  • Date of birth
  • Address data
  • phone number
  • E-mail address
  • IP address
  • Other personal data that you provide to us yourself, for example through a customer profile in our webshop and through contact with our customer service
  • Information about your activities on our website
  • Internet browser and device type;
  • Bank account number.

How we handle that personal data

Software from our webshop is a webshop. Our webshop has been developed with Lightspeed software. The personal data that you share with us to place an order is therefore shared with Lightspeed. Lightspeed only has access to the data that is necessary to provide us with technical support, so that we can be sure that you can visit our webshop when you want. Lightspeed will never use your data for any other purpose.

We have an agreement with Lightspeed. It states that Lightspeed is obliged to do whatever it takes to keep your data safe. The security measures they take include SSL encryption and a strong password policy.

Lightspeed uses cookies to collect technical information when it comes to software usage. No personal data is collected or stored here. Lightspeed does have the right to share the technical data within its own organization in order to continue to improve their services.

Mailing lists and newsletters

To keep you informed of our best offers or latest news, we send newsletters. For this we use the software from MailChimp. The data we use for this is your name and e-mail address. These are never used by MailChimp for their own purposes, but they are well secured.

At the bottom of every email sent via MailChimp, you will see an 'unsubscribe button'. Do you no longer want to receive emails? Please unsubscribe. We don't want to fill your inbox unnecessarily.

MailChimp also uses cookies and other digital tracking systems to see whether e-mails are opened and read. This way we can continue to tailor our e-mails to the wishes of our customers. MailChimp does have the right to use your data to improve their services and for that reason can also share your data with third parties.

Shipment of products

As soon as you place an order with us, we will start to deliver your order as quickly as possible. For this we work together with PostNL. We therefore share your name, address and place of residence with PostNL. PostNL uses this personal data purely and only for the delivery of your order.

Why we process your data

We only use your personal data to perform our services. When you buy a product, create an account in our webshop, receive a newsletter or contact our customer service. We do not use your personal data for direct marketing and do not share this information with others. Only when we have to comply with accounting and other administrative obligations can we share your data with the relevant party. That party always has a duty of confidentiality. This may be due to an agreement we have with that party, an oath or another legal obligation.

Automatically Collected Information We also use tools that collect information
automatically. These data are not personal data. We cannot therefore find out your identity through that data. This concerns data such as IP address, web browser, operating system, etc. We use this data purely to continue to improve our services, so that our webshop always continues to function properly.

Legal obligation
In theory it could be that we have to share your data due to a legal obligation (such as a tax or criminal investigation). Of course we will oppose this, within the limits of the law.

How long do we keep your personal data

As long as you are a customer with us, have a profile in our webshop or receive our newsletter, we will keep your data. So we keep your customer profile until you let us know that you no longer want to use our services.

We keep your invoices with personal data for as long as we have to do so according to the administrative obligations.

We only store visitor data (such as cookies) for as long as it is mandatory and for a maximum of 24 months. We will then ask you again for permission to use cookies.

What rights you have

The law in the Netherlands and the rules within the EU give you certain rights regarding the personal data that we process and store. We now explain which rights these are and how you can exercise them.

Before we do that, we would like to tell you that, in principle, we only send copies and copies of your personal data to the e-mail address that is known to us. If you would like to receive this at a different e-mail address or by post, we can ask you to identify yourself. Of course you don't want someone else to request your data, but don't worry, we always keep a record of all requests.

Do you suspect that we are using your personal data in the wrong way? You can always submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. We refer you to their website: .

View, change, limit or delete data

Your data is and will always be your data. So you decide what we (may) know about you. Do you want to know what personal data we have about you? Which can! You can ask us to inspect that data. We will respond to your request within 14 days!

You can also let us know if you want to change your data, do not want us to process certain data, want us to send your data to an organization mentioned by you or withdraw your consent for data processing. We will respond to your request within 14 days.

You can request access to, change, delete and transfer your personal data via [email protected] . You can also do this if you have an objection, a complaint about compliance with this privacy statement or want to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data.

Have you created an account with us? Did you know that you can always view and change your data via your account? Log in and arrange it immediately!

How to reach us:

Controller: Gadget House

Business address:
Bottelaarpassage 57
1315 EP Almere

Email address: [email protected] Telephone number: 06-40822454